In 2017/2018 we had the opportunity to become Sitters for Joop and Audrey while they were traveling down the Pan American Highway for 14 months. Joop and Audrey own two popular guesthouses on Bonaire, for which they managed to get great reviews year on year. Both guesthouses look amazing, and have a laidback and welcoming atmosphere.

When we arrived they showed us all the things we needed to know about managing the guesthouses. We learned about managing bookings, making taxi schedules, doing the financial administration, maintaining swimming pools, and much more. After Joop and Audrey left, we managed the guesthouses on our own, when needed they were always willing to answer questions online.

It was a great feeling getting the first good reviews from guests that stayed with us. We loved getting to know so many great persons from all over the world. It is hard work but very rewarding, we now know what it is really like to manage and take care of two successful guesthouses. As a bonus we got to know a lot of the locals and enjoyed the many things Bonaire has to offer, including worldclass snorkeling.

A truly unique experience.

Jan & Elke, the Netherlands