The idea of Guesthousesitters started while we were travelling around the world. We stayed in a lot of awesome and inspiring accommodations and we started thinking of working in or even opening an accommodation of our own.
While travelling we also did many housesits in several countries (taking care of someone’s house and pets while they are away, in return living rent free) . We love the fact that with housesitting people are helping each other out: everyone benefits!

During our travels we began asking accommodation owners questions about their business and we noticed that quite a few were looking for temporary replacement or needed someone taking care of jobs they were not able to do. With the housesitting in the back of our minds, we starting thinking that  it would be great to take care of someone else’s accommodations. This could happen anywhere in the world, allowing us to experience different cultures and nature, and it would give us the liberty to continue to travel.

But… how to find these types of opportunities? They are hard to find, and that’s how we came up with Guesthousesitters, a platform where Owners of accommodations and Sitters can connect.

Shortly after we started thinking about developing Guesthousesitters we went to Bonaire, in the Caribbeans. By coincidence (or was it meant to be!?) we met the owners of Casa Calexico and Kas Hamaka, and they were looking for a couple to manage both their guesthouses. After years of hard work, they needed a break so they could travel again. This is how we did our first guesthousesit: we spend a year managing both their guesthouses, while they were travelling in South America. Our main goal with Guesthousesitters is to help people realizing their dreams. Helping Owners to spend time with their families back home or take that long vacation they’ve always wanted. Helping others to find a dream job while they are abroad or back in their home country. Giving someone who is dreaming of moving abroad the opportunity to learn skills and experience life in a foreign country.

We hope Guesthousesitters will allow you to realize these dreams!


Kind regards,

Elke Dekker
Jan Bosker