What is Guesthouse Sitting?

Guesthouse Sitting is arranging for a person, duo or a couple to take care of your small accommodation while you are away. The duties the guesthouse sitter has to carry out can be specified in advance and vary from only taking care of the property to manage the entire business and everything in between.

Why register on Guesthousesitters?

Guesthousesitters is a platform where sitters and owners meet each other. In our experience we haven’t find any helpful websites in doing so. By making a profile as an interested guesthousesitter and/or a small accommodation owner, we make it possible for both parties to come in contact. After the first contact all negotiations are between guesthousesitter and owner. We do provide a basic agreement which can be adjusted.

Why do people register to do a Guesthouse Sit?

There can be many reasons for people to look for a Guesthouse Sit. Some of them might be similar to why owners from small accommodations started their business or why they are interested in getting a Guesthouse sitter.

  • Explore what it’s like to work/manage a small accommodation
  • Live in another country/culture
  • Looking for a change of scenery
  • Contribute to someone’s holiday

Why do accommodation owners look for a guesthousesitter?

As you can amagine owning your own business means lots of work. After a while the owners might want or need some time away for a holiday, traveling, family visit, medical reasons, business trip etc. It’s not always possible to close the accommodation for this time so a reliable person taking care of the business is needed.

Why taking a guesthousesitter instead of asking family or friends?

It might sound easy, find someone to manage your business while you are away, but it’s not as easy as it sounds.
You might feel your friends or family won’t say no because you’re related, which means they might not be to motivated to run your business. Also they probably live and work in the same area, so it’s just a temporary move and extra work for them. A guesthousesitter feels motivated to do a good job, because it gives them the opportunity to live and work in another place, to experience another life even. Both parties benefit, it’s a win-win!

Who pays for accommodation and utilities?

This is negotiable between guesthouse sitters and owners. This can depend for example on the location, if the sitter is staying in the owners house, the duration of the guesthouse sit, the possible salary and the amount of duties a sitter has to do.